This website contains tourist information about hinking and walking in Cinque Terre and in particular about the path between Monterosso and Vernazza, and the other Cinque Terre villages

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Vernazza - Cinque Terre
Located on a precipitous crag overlooking the sea, Vernazza has always been famous for its harbour: a kaleidoscope of colours, like its “caruggi” crossing the town.

Founded in 1000, Vernazza is the town that more than the others in the Cinque Terre still preserves the aspect of a typical sea town, thanks to its sure and convenient natural harbour and to a maritime tradition known from the antiquity. The town, like the other ones in the Cinque Terre, testifies the hard work of farmers that moulded the land of steep slopes in order to build the terraces where nowadays olive trees, vineyards and gardens are grown. It is the only natural harbour in the Cinque Terre, and the town is developed along the torrent Vernazzola (now covered) and along the hillside that hides
Vernazza vista dall'altothe village from the sea. Steep and narrow tracks walk down towards the mainPiazzetta Bastreri - Vernazza road leading in a small square situated near the harbour. The presence of architectural elements like loggias, arcades and portals demonstrate that the level of living in the past was economically and socially higher than the other centres in the Cinque Terre. In fact it appears still nowadays as a noble and elegant town lying on a crag.

Vernazza is worth a visit not only for the beauty of the town: you find here the Church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia, patron saint of the town, built in the first decades of the 13th Century and enlarged in the 17th Century. From the windows of this church your glance will admire the sea, as the church is built at the end of a promontory in front of the small harbour. Vernazza is dominated and almost protected by the Doria Castle built at the top of a cliff at the centre of the harbour. This building was erected to defend the town by sea assaults and it is surmounted by a small sighting tower. Another tower like the one of the Doria Castle was built along the first part of the footpath to Corniglia, behind the town, and it was a support of the main tower. The municipality of Vernazza, that from an administrative point of view includes also the hamlet of Corniglia, now is housed in the ancient Friars’ Monastery that will fascinate you for the beauty of its 16th Century cloister.

Sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio – Footpath with departure from Vernazza
Difficulty: low; KM 1, 5; about 45 minutes 

Santuario di N.S. di ReggioThe Sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio, located behind the town of Vernazza, is visited by several tourists thanks to its secular beauty immersed in the vegetation, but also by local people. This path was born not for practical requirements or for works: it was used as Via Dolorosa that reached the small church. The footpath begins nearby the railway station, from where you continue along the mule track leading to the local cemetery. After the cemetery the trail, in some parts paved, leads to the Sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio, surrounded by a big square studded with century-old olive trees and elm oaks. Along the path it is possible to admire some of the Stations of the Cross representing the various stops of the Via Dolorosa. For other information about the sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio visit the page “In the surroundings of Vernazza”.

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